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Meet IVR...


For your ease-of-use and convenience we have embraced the IVR booking facility, an interactive computer system which allows the customer to make standard bookings very quickly, eliminating the need to wait for a telephonist to answer your call.


After your first call, the IVR system will recognise your landline number and address and will send the next available car to that address if you press '1' OR if you do wish to speak to an operator just press '0'. (Please note that your phone number may not be 'withheld' otherwise the IVR system will not recognise nor proceed with your booking.)

A standard booking is for the next available vehicle for up to a maximum of 4 passengers (it is required that any luggage to be carried must fit safely into a standard car boot).


The IVR system allows the customer to specify up to 4 different pick-up points......perhaps you might wish to register your home address, the address of a friend or relative, your place of work, or even one or two of your regular social haunts! For your safety, any addresses or other information you input on registration is kept confidential at all times.

Please register with our IVR system here...

Telephone calls may be recorded.
Taxi/PH booking agency and minibus operator.